Addi Grace

Addi Grace
19 mos

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Well, I went back to work this week. I had dreaded Monday for months. I knew I needed to keep it together in the morning as best as possible, but on Sunday night I was a mess. I was headed to bed and Joe was staying up to do homework and then feed her at 11pm. I was laying in bed and of course couldn't sleep when Addi woke up to eat. I had to get up and hold her again...She was being snuggly and I just cried and cried while holding her...I hated the idea of not seeing every single smile. Now here we are and it's Thursday. I've made it this far pretty well. I'm exhausted, but part of that is due to Joe being out of town and also having parent-teacher conferences Monday and Wednesday evening. The days have gone by faster than I thought they would. I can't wait until 3:15 gets here everyday so I can get home to see her. I need to do so much around the house, but I just want to play with Addi...maybe I can convince Joe to do housework! hahahahaha! J\K honey!

Enough about how I'm doing...Addi has been pretty good. She is of course more adorable by the day. She has gotten her right foot in her mouth a time or two and she has rolled from belly to back twice. She LOVES to just be talked to. She will lay on her playmat or on a blanket for an hour as long as you are keeping her entertained. She loves any toys that play music and light up. I bought a toy at a yard sale for a dollar and that was the best dollar I've ever spent! She can still wear a size one diaper, but I ran out of those and I'm now using Pampers 1-2's. She wears 3-6 month clothes now. Anything sleepers with feet in in them have to be 6 mo. I just packed up her summer clothes and everything too small. I never thought I'd be one to be sad over clothes, but now I realize it's not about the clothes at all but about her being "so" big now and growing up so fast!

Our addition has all the draywall up and done now and the walls are primered. We are planning to paint this weekend and Monday and Tuesday since I'm on fall break!

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