Addi Grace

Addi Grace
19 mos

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mega Catch up!! lol

I thought I'd be good about blogging, but I guess I was wrong! So where are we now? Well, Addi is now 6 mos old and we just had her appt. on Monday. She is 14lbs. 14oz. and 26.25" long. 25th% for weight and 75th% for height. She is rolling all over, grabbing everything and throwing it down, sitting up on her own, and now has two bottom teeth. She is eating cereal and baby food and loves when we give her potatoes from our plate. I am all done pumping and just using up my frozen supply of milk, very soon she will be a fully formula fed baby...which for some reason makes me very sad. We've been weaning for a while now and at this point she is getting 2 oz. of BM and 5 oz. of formula in her bottle.

Thanksgiving: We hosted a Thanksgiving for all of friends and their kids this year. Wow! It was great and was definately a full house. I think we had about 30 adults and 10 kids, 7 of which were under a year old. I can't wait to see all of these kiddos grow up together!

Christmas: Christmas is so different once you have a child. We are so blessed to have amazing family and friends. We hosted a Christmas at our house this year. I think it was the first time that Joe and I have gotten both of our families together for a holiday since our Wedding over three years ago. Again, it was very crowded, but a great time!! Addi was definately spoiled rotten!!

Welcome 2010!!! Wow, what could this year possibly bring. In 2009 we went to the Dominican Republic just a few days after finding out we were pregnant, we put an addition on our house, and had our beautiful little girl.

In May Joe has to go to Argentina for one of his Master degree's and I'm flying out to meet him for 4 days....I'm soooo excited, but scared to death!!!!! We still haven't left Addi over night anywhere and we will be leaving her for 4 days! I'm going to be SO lost. I try not to even think about it, it makes me sick to my stomach!!

I'm already starting to think about Addi's 1st Birthday Party! I think we are going to do a party at our house and turn it into a 4th of July party as well, not sure yet.

OH!! Tonight (Wed.) Joe is leaving for Michigan to go snowmobiling and then on Friday there are a bunch of us driving up to go skiing. We are taking Addi and then our neice Ashley and a friend are going to babysit while we are out on the slopes. We will ski all day Sat and then Sunday morning for 4 hrs. and then head back. It will be Joe, Addi and I, Ashley and her friend, Nick, Caitlin, Shane, Katie, Drew, Jill, and Mike! I can't wait!

Well...enough for now. I'll try to keep up better and get some pics posted

MY BOPPY...Don't touch!