Addi Grace

Addi Grace
19 mos

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A few fun and/or funny things!

So the other night we were getting things ready to bath Addi. We always put her little bath tub up on the kitchen table so we don't have to bend over or sit in the floor...I was getting the tub and stuff ready and Joe was in the nursery taking her clothes and diaper off. It is a pretty short walk from the nursery to the kitchen table, but when Joe had made it about 10 steps, Addi started peeing! lol It got all over the floor and some on him. She quit about the time he got to the table and as soon as her bottom hit the water, she started peeing again! I don't know where that much pee came from! haha

This week tummy time is becoming more tolerable to Addi. I had just posted a thread on about her not rolling over yet and the next day she rolled from her belly to back for the first time on her own. She has only done it 2-3 times, but she is getting the hang of it. She is also getting her toes in her mouth now! It's so cute so I grab the video camera to tape it and she quits! We also thing she is starting to teeth now. Yesterday was a rough day and we turned to orajel and it seemed to help her. She is slobbering like crazy and chewing on everything, especially her fists and her passie!

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