Addi Grace

Addi Grace
19 mos

Monday, February 21, 2011

WOW...I'm terrible at blogging!

like it says above...I'm terrible at blogging, but hey, at least I only have four followers to dissapoint!! lol

Here we are in February and Addi is 19 mos old. Wow, where has time gone? Hands down Addi is the best kid ever. She is so much fun, hilarious (she gets that from me :) ) inquisitive, smart, ACTIVE, full of personality (or attitude). She is about 21 lbs now and I'm proud to say that she is still rear facing in her Graco MyRide 65. It doesn't bother her at all so she will stay that way until at least two. We finally got rid of the bottle at 18 mos. It was easier than I thought it would be, but she definitely doesn't drink nearly as much milk now, which I guess is a negative. She recently has become VERY attached to her passie or as she says "boppy" I figure I'm ok with it for a while longer, but once she turns two we will get serious about getting rid of it.
It's great getting to be home with her everyday! We are so blessed that I am able to do this and it's about to become easier. Joe has received a double promotion and is now a supervisor at Caterpillar. He will have I think about 6 guys under him and he has started interviewing ppl now! His raise pretty much covers my entire teacher salary! Crazy, I know, but even better than that, he won't be traveling nearly as much!!!!! That alone makes it worth it!

I have decided to give photography a try. Ever since working at picture people I have been interested but never had the tools to be serious about it. Now I do! For Christmas and my bday Joe got me a Canon 60D. I am currently taking a class and I'm working on building a portfolio. I don't feel qualified to charge ppl yet so I'm currently doing all totally free shoots for practice! You can find me on FB at Timeless Memories Photography! Contact me if you need pics or you can suggest my page to others on there if you think someone else might need pics

MY BOPPY...Don't touch!