Addi Grace

Addi Grace
19 mos

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Just a brief update!

Addi is now 8 mos old!! Can't believe that in just 4 mos we will be having her 1st bday party!! I keep thinking that any day she will take off crawling, but why would she when she has mom that grabs her when she whimpers! lol She goes from sitting to all fours and she will move her hands forward to grab something, but those legs just won't go. If she's on the kitchen tile than she goes from sitting tobasically dragging her legs behind and pulling forward with her's the strangest thing!! These days she never wants to sit, I guess she thinks she is too big for that now that she can stand!! She will stand forever as long as she has something to entertain her.

I have purchased 6 cloth diapers and we are giving that a try! I'm excited, but hate to send her to a sitter in one. They probably aren't going to want to deal with that if she goes #2. She is now outgrowing her 9 month sleepers...I think they shrink a bunch first of all, but she is just getting too long. 12 month sleepers are very hard to find!! I love having the feet built in b\c I can not keep socks on her!

She is eating pretty much anything we eat. She still has cereal with fruit in the morning, but as far as actual baby food goes...I guess she is over it. She only wants to eat chunks of stuff that we are eating. We already have her hooked on El Rodeo!! She loves the rice and beans that daddy shares with her.

Joe is gone to Singapore this week. We miss him terribly!! For the first two days he was gone, Addi yelled Dadadada...Not sure if she knows what that means yet, but it's pretty cute!

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